UX Case Study, UI Designs

Uniq NFT Marketplace




8 weeks


UX Research, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Designs

About project

Uniq NFT is a PWA/mobile application that allows people discover, buy, and sell NFTs using a user-friendly interface, it allows users easily navigate through their various wallets as well as bid for an NFT art.

The goal is for users to be able to easily interact with NFT marketplace (buying and selling NFT's) like they would do on any social media app they use regularly

The Problem

NFT adoption is growing at a fast pace and there is an urgent need for an organized platform.

NFT creators and collectors struggle with the process of buying and selling NFTs.

User are not so comfortable using cryptocurrency technology platforms.

There is alot of people interested in NFTs but find if difficult to understand the current available platforms.

Newbies don't get the required support needed to navigate through the available platfrom and they eeasily get stuck along the way.

The Solution

Build a seamless, user-friendly, and beginner-friendly NFT marketplace that offers safe and secure buying and selling while helping artists make steady income from their work.

Provide support and guide to users to complete their tasks in very easy steps using a user-friendly platform

For new users, there is a built-in FAQ, video tutorials, and blogs so user won't have to go to other platform to learn them.

Because 95% of users are mobile, the plan was to build a web app that is mobile first, which is PWA so that users can install on their phones and interact with it like an app

The Design Process


Research Plan

To understand the knowledge gaps about the NFT space among artists and creators across Nigeria and Africa at large.

Identify any issues faced by users while using existing NFT marketplace, and if there are any improvements they'd personally like to see

To understand the goals buyers and sellers want to achieve via NFT platforms and discover creators' and buyers' usage patterns and pricing strategies on other marketplaces

User Research

  • What I did:
    For the research,I conducted an online google form research to get a deeper understanding of the problems NFT users face. I reached out to users from the age group of 18 - 45 years

  • During the Research Survey:
    1. The main issues creators face in a marketplace is related to using their crypto wallet.
  • 2. Branding and marketing yourself online and being well-known as an artist space is important to get more NFT sales.
  • 3. Most users think gas fees should be reduced to enable more buying and selling?
  • 4. User want to easily connect Metamask to their crypto wallet like Coinbase, Coinswitch, etc.

Competitors Analysis

I identified some competitors and analyzed their business strategies to determine their strengths and weeknesses to find their opportunities and threats.

User Persona

What I did:
After summing up the User Interviews, creating User Persona is used to help realize our customers more detailed. with this, I could understand the main focus' behaviors, act and needs.


Empathy Map

What I did:
Based on the research I carried out, and the personas created I was able to empathize with my user on what they said, did, thought, and felt about NFT's during the interview process so I tried to list out some of them in my Empathy Map.

During my reseach work, these were some of my findings:

User Flow

What I did:
I created a user flow to visualize how a user interacts with a product from launch of the application to buying or selling NFTs thereby seeing the user through achieving their end goal in the app with just a few steps.

Information Architecture

Paper Prototyping

What I did:
To brainstorm and test initial design, I created paper prototypes for the application using a pen and paper, this helped me to gain some insights on how the design of the application should look like and test for usability before going into high fidelity.

UI Designs


What I Did:
For the Onboarding screens, even though this feature does not required when you first open the app, I still followed a simple minimalistic design to keep them clean and simple. The users will have to enter just their Full Names, Email and Password or sign in with their Apple ID, Facebook or Google accounts.

Connect Wallet

Connecting your wallet has to be the most important part of buying an NFT because the item has to be synced with your Blockchain account, however it's still not a "Doorway to the App" as it can also be done when a user is about to make a purchase or sell an NFT. I've been able to ensure that users can connect to as many wallet as possible such as; Coinbase, Metamask, Bitski, Dapper, Portis, etc. Once this is done it should immediately fund your wallet with the amount of ETH available.

Home Page, Stories, Discover

What I Did:
In a bid to make the application more interesting and interactive, I introduced the NFTs stories section, where users can as well post NFTs they either acquired or are available for sale which dissapears in 24 hours. Also there's a discovery section to see new NFTs in the market and latest NFT trends with the ability to see the price and place a bid, users can also filter based on price range, category, status, and colors.

Upload NFTs

What I Did:
When uploading an item for sale the users can choose to upload either a single item or multiple items, while uploading, they can put on sale, use an instant sale price, or onluck once purchased. When the item has been uploaded, then they proceed to put it on the marketplace using either fixed price, timed auction, or open for bids.

Item Details

This is the details of a given NFT, it contains the Title, The Art, Creator, Bid amount, Auction time, Owner, History of collectors, Bids placed so far, and ability to share the item details.

Favorite, Account, My Wallet