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About MyInvoicer App.

MyInvoicer App is a software application that helps businesses, creatives, freelancers, and NGO's create, send, track, and manage their invoices efficiently. It streamlines the invoicing process, reduces manual work, and improves cash flow management.

Validating the problem

The absence of an invoice management system can lead to inefficiencies, errors, delays, and difficulties in maintaining accurate financial records. Implementing a dedicated system can address these challenges, streamline processes, enhance productivity, and improve financial management for businesses.

Market Research

To kick things off, I conducted primary research to gain a general understanding of the market, which includes a wide range of my focus group and those are basically SME's, contractors, freelancers, Retailers/Ecommerce businesses, and NGO's.

Diving deep into the research to understand how they the product would be of help to them, I havd to interview 2 persons, one from the retailing business and another a freelancer.

Market Research - Pain points

Not having an invoice management system can result in several pain points and challenges for businesses. Here are some common pain points that arise from the absence of an invoice management system:

  • Manual and Time-Consuming Processes: Without an invoice management system, businesses have to rely on manual processes for creating, sending, and managing invoices. This can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring significant effort in generating invoices, entering data, and performing calculations.

  • Inconsistent and Unprofessional Invoices: Without standardized templates and formatting, businesses may struggle to create consistent and professional-looking invoices. This inconsistency can harm the brand image and professionalism of the business, potentially impacting customer perceptions and trust.

  • Difficulty in Tracking and Organization: Managing invoices manually makes it challenging to keep track of payment statuses, due dates, and invoice history. This lack of organization can lead to confusion, missed payments, and difficulties in retrieving or referencing invoice-related information when needed.

  • Lack of Financial Insights and Analysis: Without an invoice management system, businesses may struggle to gain insights into their financial performance. Analyzing payment trends, identifying revenue streams, or monitoring outstanding balances becomes challenging, hindering effective financial decision-making and planning.

User Personas
Interview - Insight
  • 01 - I want to efficiently manage my customers.
  • 02 - I want to automatically send reminders to my customers when invoicer are overdue and estimates are expired.
  • 03 - I want a platform that can receive payments expressly when I semd out invoices to customers.
  • 04 - I want to send quotes and negotiate prices before sending invoices.
  • 05 - My current application doesn't support mutiple currency.
  • 06 - Custom invoices that contains my brand identity is very important for the growth of my business.
Empathy Map
I want to automatically send reminders to my customers when invoicer are overdue and estimates are expired. - Claudia Ogo
Information Architecture
Style Guide:

The Authentication flow was designed to easily help the users create account in a few easy steps first by verifying their email address, so they can be stored on the database, also when creating account I ensured to put the password visibility to help users know when they entered a wrong password, and a tooltip to tell your password strength.

The Dashboard:

The Dashboard page was designed to accommodate 90% of the task the user wants to perform, this includes; Creating Invoices, Estimates and Customers. Invoices, Estimates and Customers overview, Archives, and Profile. The idea of the dashboard is to give the users an overview of the app and help them navigate faster. Also they get to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their invoicing data, facilitating proper financial reporting, expensing, and decision-making.

All Invoices:
Create Invoice:
Preview Invoice:
Invoice Email for customers.

The invoice is sent directly to customers email addresses. The system generates an email containing the invoice embedded within the email body. It also includes a personalized message, payment instructions, and additional information the business wants to communicate to the customers.

Third-Party Payment Gateways

In the mail sent to the customers, there is a third-party payment gateways or payment processors. it includes a secure payment link that directs them to the payment gateway. Customers can make payments directly through the gateway, which is often integrated with various payment methods, such as credit cards, online banking, or digital wallets. This way the busenesses get to track clients that have made payments and those that are still pending, which also helps in organising the system and makes the work much more easier.

Mobile App Flow & Prototype

Here's a quick video of how an invoice is been created on the MyInvoicer App